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IP networks and switches and SDVN

L-GRID tackles the problem of speed mismatches at the source and avoids an extra investment in large buffer core switches.

L-GRID will configure the network card to only allow bursts of the configured bandwidth. Data flows to the preconfigured destinations are sent out of the network card perfectly shaped to the given bandwidth. As the L-GRID eliminates bursts before they enter the network, no exhaustive buffer space is required from the connected switches. The traffic is controlled/managed at the source. The cause for congestion is remediated before it can happen.

L-GRID enables the user to configure specific bandwidths for specific/configured clients. L-GRID runs as a user-space app on a Linux server and is configured via a config file or a REST interface. A certified network card is required

L-GRID will thereby improve the efficiency of your installed network.

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