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MediaPower NextGen OTT

Internet distribution platforms (incl. social media)

MediaPower Next Gen OTT is an end-to-end solution for managing, producing and distributing Live and On Demand Video over the Internet.The platform, extremely flexible and modular, has been designed to meet the needs of the digital content market in which it has become imperative to reduce production costs, optimize distribution to millions of possible users, leverage data and monetize the content either directly, through subscription, or indirectly, through advertising.





NewsAppNewsApp is a technology that assists OTT Media Services to collect the content generated by the users in order to utilize them as part of the client’s editorial stream. It enables two-way communication between publisher and users increasing the involvement and engagement of the latter.

  • Receives User-Generated Content (UGC) and related feedback

  • Analysis of user experience and user profiling

  • Publishing of targeted video and advertising

  • Could be used for video contests, marketing campaigns, or crowdfunding

ARKKI Media Asset Manager (MAM)Arkki is our Media Asset Manager used to collect any kind of video files and provides more functions to manage each stage of the asset.

  • Ingestion and management of digital content, video and more

  • Transcoding and video file modeling

  • Addition of descriptive metadata

  • Creation of playlists, catalogs, and projects

  • Editing and sharing


ASTRO Flexible & Scalable Distribution ModuleMediaPower Astro is the delivery module to distribuite feeds to the Internet.

  • Publication of streams in multiple formats

  • On-demand and live

  • Adaptive bitrate with bandwidth control

  • Load balancing and user traffic control

  • Integration with proprietary networks or third-party CDNs

Service Delivery Platform (SDP)Service Delivery Platform is the solution to manage users, group policy and paid subscription. We implement complex business logic around various payment models.

  • Secure Join-In and Log-In

  • Devices registration

  • Subscription workflow and integration with the commons payments gateway

  • Assets protection through IP GEO-block, User-block e Traffic-shaping

  • CRM, ERP and 3rd party software integration via standard API REST

Boost and Security LayerThe Boost & Security Layer guarantees stability and security to the platform.

  • Real time analysis and capacity auto-scaling

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Log management

  • DNS geo distribution

  • Redundant Data centers

  • Network quality control and NOC support


LET’S SHOW Discovery EngineLet’s Show! is the powerful discovery engine to deploy contents towards any kind of device and web-browsers. Usable, professional-looking UIs for a variety of screens and devices.

  • Compatible with any web-browser and iOS/Android device

  • Bandwidth and screen optimization

  • Enable the video browsing through categories, galleries and catalogs

  • Watch-list and bookmarks per single user

  • Recommendation engine and powerful full-text search engine

  • Embedded Video Player cross-platform

  • Share the VoD to Facebook and Youtube

OTT INSIGHT AnalyticsMediaPower OTT Insight is a powerful data collecting engine which analyses and understand user behavior. The engine provides useful aggregate data to perform business intelligence.

  • Big data analysis (audience/usage metrics) and custom integration with common machine learning systems and business intelligence software

  • Users profiling

  • Monetization scenarios

  • Ad Server and programmatic Ads Engine integration

  • External e-commerce and marketplace alliance

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