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Cambria File Convert (FTC)

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Cambria File Convert is a flexible transcoding software solution that converts video files between formats for editing, archiving, and broadcasting and allows you to produce high-quality media files suitable for broadcast, IPTV, Web, and mobile applications. Cambria File Convert yields the best H.264 and MPEG-2 output file quality. It can also perform additional video processing such as frame-rate conversion and video size conversion.

Highest-quality H.264 Output
Cambria File Convert uses the state-of-the-art H.264 encoder “HDVE-100” developed by NTT-AT. Its motion estimation algorithm optimizes output visual quality for sources that are normally difficult to encode. Cambria File Convert is fully compatible with acTVila and ARIB standards for delivering video content straight to a net-enabled TV (acTVila).

Cambria Watch Folder
Watch Folders automate batch transcoding jobs with user-defined presets. They allow for pre-conversion tasks such as FTP/network retrieval and automatic email notification. They also perform post-conversion tasks such as FTP/network file delivery or automatic source file deletion.

Cambria Cluster
A Cambria Cluster is a scalable, distributed transcoding system of networked Cambria File Convert installations. The Cambria Cluster Manager oversees the network and routes jobs to available machines, allowing you to process a large volume of video files simultaneously. A Cambria Cluster can be installed on a cloud configuration, please contact us for details.

Cambria Manager
Cambria Manager monitors and controls current, queued, completed, and failed jobs. It also allows users to re-queue failed jobs in diagnostic mode to troubleshoot issues and re-set priority levels for each job.

Full Customization and Support
Cambria File Convert is customizable to your needs for an additional cost. Please let us know if you have any special requirements. Our proprietary software allows us to continuously update and expand features and functionalities based on customers’ input and specifications.