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Libero Ingest

Transcode and normalization

Libero Igest is a flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features. It provides monitoring and controlling all the ingest operations on a single screen.

Libero Ingest has a wide range of file formats and input cards compatibility. It lets the operators record live events by controlling VTRs in a straightforward manner. The system offers freeze frame, black frame and signal loss detection in order to automatically start and stop ingest operations. Libero Ingest is designed to adapt your workflows or 3rd party systems with its own REST API and flexible triggering features.


  • SD/HD/UHD/4K/8K support(*)

  • Stable for 24/7 operations

  • Wide range of file formats compatibility

  • Scheduled or crash recording

  • Support for dump (as is) record

  • Multi-language support

  • Multiple input source support (SDI/NDI/SRT/IP Stream)

  • SDI/NDI/IP Stream output support

  • Support for growing-file editing (Adobe Premiere, GV Edius, Apple Final Cut)

  • Audio mapping, level control, dynamic audio scan

  • Automatic file transfer and housekeeping options


  • Freeze frame, black frame and signal loss detection

  • CPU, RAM and storage capacity monitoring

  • Media panel for trimming, preview and export

  • VTR control with RS-422

  • Advanced tagging feature while recording

  • Customizable tagging buttons

  • Simultaneous proxy generation with defined formats

  • Support recording same input to multiple formats and locations

  • E-Mail and notifications

  • Drop frame counter

  • Advanced logging

  • “Start/stop/split/pause” all sources with one click

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