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Genova File

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Genova File is a software-based encoder that prepares on-demand content for OTT video streaming. It compresses video and audio files to H.264 and HEVC , and encodes content in SD, HD and 4K / UHD with HDR. And depending on your architecture, Genova File can include an OTT packager to push your content to third party CDNs.

Built on a modular architecture, Genova File is suitable for encoding on a physical server on a private or public cloud with virtualization or Docker containerization. It can also be remotely managed and monitored and integrates seamlessly within existing content processing workflows.

Key benefits: - Future-proof upgradable software - Encodes to H.264 and HEVC 10-bit, up to 4K / UHD - Can run on COTS servers, virtual machines or containers to improve scalability and elasticity - Watch folder mechanism to automatically process files - Automatic allocation of transcoding nodes