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OWNZONES Connect is a cloud-native platform that centralizes geographically-distributed workflows, allowing content owners full control and visibility. It’s designed to operate natively in the cloud to automate collaborative global workflow processes. With Connect, content owners can efficiently manage and store assets, create versions, and deliver content to countless broadcast endpoints from one unified platform. Our proprietary parallel-scaling technology, made possible by the cloud, enables efficient and high-quality production workflows.

Connect is fully provisioned to manage workflows for over 100 platforms, which means every step can be handled within our platform, from ingest to delivery. FrameDNA™ and Deep Analysis, AI-driven tools within Connect, rapidly analyze thousands of files in a library to identify all of the individual components within each title. This data can be used to automate the creation and formatting of new versions matching a delivery platform's specifications, as well as consolidate versions and reduce storage footprint by up to 73%. An Adobe Premiere panel enables editors to easily access and exchange media with Connect to make custom changes and incorporate new elements. Our extensive API architecture allows studios and facilities to integrate Connect into their media asset management and business process orchestration systems to fully automate their content packaging and delivery workflows.