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Today’s journalists have to process several sources in order to create a story: In most cases, they need to search in external and internal systems for different types of content, using different tools with different search algorithms. This all makes the publishing process inefficient, time consuming and often frustrating.

MediaPortal answers this problem, providing a central hub not only for access to diverse sources such as newsfeed, social media, internal and external archives and MAM systems, but also for the functionality to collect, curate and share this content within one search logic and an intuitive design.

While most search engines focus only on the search process itself, MediaPortal also addresses typi-cal "next steps" in media workflows by incorporating advanced video & metadata tools for browsing, editing or logging of material across multiple locations.

The open architecture of MediaPortal makes it simple for organization to tailor the system to their needs. The advanced API enables the rapid development of "connectors" for new and legacy data sources, while a robust plug-in framework can be used to augment and extend the user interface.