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(Meta)data aggregation and management

Hero Scheduling is designed base on TV broadcaster work flow. It has been proven the efficiency for multimedia archive, newsroom, sub-control room, post production and government associations which need to archive and share their media asset. Hero Scheduling can be smoothly integrated with existing system.

Hero Scheduling could be perfectly integrated with Hero Playout as an efficient media Channel in Box system. Please find more in “4K Channel in Box system” page.

Basic Operation:

◎  WEB UI to manage database, edit playlist and appoint playout time.

◎  User can search, add and modify the video database.

◎  User can search by channel name, category, keyword, and archive date.

◎  System log  for operation record, showing user account, operating time, page, event…

◎  Auto-archive by dragging clips to watch folder.

◎  Auto-import and record metadata like video name, resolution, length, format…,no extra effort require.

◎  Clip info including Program name, category, note, 2 titles, 6 logos, in/out point, time code(up to 64 set), file existing or not.


◎  Playlist could be import, save, and export to excel file.

◎  Showing the length of daily playlist.

◎  Able to combine files and live program in 24HR playlist for playout system.

◎  Auto-accumulate program length while editing playlist.

◎  Able to save video split record, easy to edit next time.

◎  Different titles, logo and time for every program.

◎  Customized playlist transfer tool for all systems.


◎  Account authority management mechanism.

◎  Channel management: able to add, delete channels and categories.

◎  To set account authority to access every channel for editing playlist, clip, and system management.

◎  To define clip categories, ex: program, ad, promotion…

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