CLEAR Vision Cloud AI Platform

CLEAR Vision Cloud AI Platform

CLEAR Vision Cloud AI Platform

CLEAR Vision Cloud AI Platform


At PFT, we believe that if AI has to work for M&E players, then it has to deliver accurate and actionable data which can solve unique business challenges. For this to happen, solution providers have to be open and committed to work with any AI/ML engine, have the data science talent pool to interpret the data and its subtle nuances, and tweak it to suit the needs of the enterprise’s content.

Hence, we offer a combination of Technology and Consulting to deliver accurate and actionable data that can solve specific M&E challenges seamlessly.

  • Accurate Data – This is the only expectation from the industry currently

  • Actionable Data – We have gone beyond the current expectation to create Action Toolkits

We make AI work for you. And that is our promise.

PFT’s CLEAR Vision Cloud is a Media Recognition AI platform that integrates best-of-breed AI engines like Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson, and home-grown AI models along with a unique Machine Wisdom layer that is focused on harnessing the best quality data. Along with Technology, PFT offers bespoke strategic Consulting services to ensure AI works for the customer, taking into consideration their specific business challenges and unique content.

CLEAR Vision Cloud comprises of

  • Data

  • Action Toolkits

Modular Data Packs include those for Basic Metadata, Advanced Metadata, Premium Metadata, Video Comparison, Compliance and Transcripts.

Action Toolkits, as the name suggests, are ready-to-use to address specific M&E use cases. The Action Toolkits include – Discovery, Segmentation, Content Moderator, Language Tools and Video Comparator.

These are enveloped by PFT’s unique Machine Wisdom layer that imparts cognitive benefits to CLEAR Vision Cloud. Think of it as an AI platform with a human brain!

CLEAR Vision Cloud does not just produce accurate data but also actionable data.

Making AI Work For You

With a decade of experience in the M&E industry, nobody understands the unique business requirements of content enterprises – broadcasters, studios, production houses and D2C players – like we do. PFT is working round the clock to solve real world M&E business problems and build additional use cases to showcase how it can deliver AI-led business outcomes.

Accurate data and Actionable data are the hallmarks of CLEAR Vision Cloud. While other AI models available today in the market can offer data accuracy to some extend, none are capable of presenting accurate data that is actionable too.

CLEAR Vision Cloud. Making AI work for you.

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