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Analyzers for Adaptive Bitrate &CDN Networks

(Meta)data aggregation and management

From playout to the edge, the Analyzer OTT product family actively monitors and analyzes adaptive bitrate services at packager, origin and CDN edge caches. The Analyzer OTT EDGE actively downloads and analyzes playlists and segments and is ideal for assuring readiness to deliver throughout the CDN. The Analyzer OTT H-E does all that plus codec and content level analysis.

Analyzer OTT Edge is designed for monitoring and analysis of adaptive bitrate services at packetizers, origin and edge cache servers. Its in-depth analysis covers the availability of services, manifest correctness and segment availability.

With support for all leading formats, such as MPEG-DASH (supporting DASH264 profiles), HLS 7, MS Smooth Streaming as well as HDS, the Analyzer OTT Edge provides in-depth analysis, proactive alarming and visualization and troubleshooting tools. Examples of other supported features are: Connection, DNS and HTTP metrics for Manifests and segments, TR290 validation for HLS.

QoS and QoE are available per profile, asset and originating server. Fine-grained alarming and alerting for quick detection of errors and fast troubleshooting.

Analyzer OTT Edge is available in different capacities, to cover both small and large installations.

Analyzer OTT Head-End is designed for deployment in the head-end for assurance of adaptive bitrate streaming services. Its in-depth analysis provides assurance of all levels of the ABR stack: availability of the service, manifest correctness, segment availability and correctness, as well as the video/audio quality.

The Analyzer OTT Head-End provides at a glance insight into the current and past service performance, detecting issues in IP connectivity and configuration, packetizers and transcoders.

The Analyzer OTT Head-End supports the leading streaming protocols such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, MS Smooth Streaming and HDS and validates manifest as well as segments.

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