Armada Time Delay - IABM Single BaM Product

Armada Time Delay - IABM Single BaM Product

ARMADA Time Delay

ARMADA Time Delay


ARMADA Time Delay is a separate application, not associated with OASYS Player and runs on a separate dedicated server. It’s a fixed time delay solution that is designed for unattended, “set it and forget it” operation.

It provides multiple options to automatically time shift or delay live programming for up to 10 days and supports live inputs from SDI, SDI/IP or IP and outputs SD-SDI or HD-SDI. It does not support any form of user control or playlist integration. It includes an option for the permanent overlay of a single fixed graphic (i.e. bug or logo) as a still TGA/PNG/JPG or animated TGA/PNG sequence.

Ideal applications include:

  • Time Zone Delays

  • Regional Delays

  • Quality assurance

  • Disaster recovery

ARMADA Time Delay is perfect for recording live feeds you need to capture and delay on a consistently regular basis. The system comes pre-configured and is ready to go with very minimal set-up required.

Specifications and pricing will vary based on storage, inputs and outputs and other requirements so contact your BroadStream Representative or Partner for a full description and configuration for your specific needs.

Fully Automated, No User Intervention Required

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