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Playout automation

ASTRA MCR provides master control automation in the cloud, in racks of discreet devices or in a box. ASTRA MCR controls ingest, playout, graphics, switchers/mixers, audio servers, stream splicers and a variety of ancillary devices. It manages multi-screen output and supports all major traffic systems, including those with dynamic schedule exchange. Uniquely, ASTRA MCR integrates with ASTRA Studio 3 production automation providing cue automation from MCR-PCR-MCR, ensuring each transition is frame accurate every time – no need for verbal cues and their common small switching errors. ASTRA MCR makes it easy to manage multiple channels while still responding to breaking news. The integrated media asset management speeds making schedule changes. Aveco maintains the largest library of broadcast hardware and software interfaces, facilitating selection of the best-of-class products across all parts of the broadcast chain. ASTRA MCR is easy to use and versatile in managing multiple channels, multiple screen types and multiple locations.

ASTRA MCR since 1992 has provided dynamic traffic exchange, facilitating on-going schedule updates from traffic to reflect changing conditions (airline ad cancellations after crashes, revenue optimization, priority changes during breaking news etc.) A tight integration between ASTRA MCR and your traffic system enables the sales department to sell spots throughout the day and be assured that they will play flawlessly at the right time. ASTRA MCR’s user interface also allows operators to manually make last minute changes in the playlist to delete or replace any item. Interfaces are available for most traffic systems on the market or a new interface can be easily created.

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