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Playout automation

AirBossX® is a comprehensive yet intuitive master control automation solution. The feature-packed software supports all common broadcast equipment and industry standards. AirBossX’s deep integration with industry hardware allows users to create optimized workflows that fit the station’s needs. In addition, AirBossX can operate in lights-out mode, saving stations money and offering peace of mind.

The unique architecture of AirBossX is designed to scale as the station’s needs grow. Channels and workflow modules can be easily added to the core software package with minimal operational impact. The flexibility offered, makes AirbossX a solution for any size environment from a single station to a hub operation.

AirBossX is equipped with an intuitive user interface that offers operators flexibility and simplicity for optimal user experience and error mitigation. The user interface allows for advanced customization such as tailoring color, layout, stacking of channels, and enabling a confidence monitoring proxy video. What’s more, the AirBossX client can be installed on any network machine and even operated remotely.

Florical offers multiple products that can be combined with AirBossX to build an end-to-end master control solution. Some of the products include Acuitas, an integrated playout and ingest solution, as well as a suite of acquisition and content management tools.

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