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Cinegy Air PRO

Playout automation

Cinegy Air PRO provides a software-based system for SD/HD and/or UHD playout automation using standard PC server hardware. Cinegy Air PRO performs video playout by acting as a TCP/IP-connected video “printer” offering its services in a network. The Cinegy Air PRO broadcast automation software connects to the Cinegy Air playout service and instructs it what to “print” to air and when. Cinegy Air PRO consists of two elements: one or multiple control panels and a playout engine. The Cinegy Air Pro or Cinegy Studio PRO control panel provide a state-of-the-art interface for controlling one or more Cinegy Air playout engines connected via TCP/IP.

Cinegy Studio PRO, a new, highly configurable and customizable control panel for live and studio operations, unifies what the previous Cinegy News and Cinegy Studio products provided. Cinegy Studio PRO is offering higher level of flexibility and additional advanced functionality like integration with Cinegy News workflows and also 3rd party MOS based workflows.  Cinegy Titler, integrated part of the Cinegy Air PRO bundle, is the CG and branding option for Cinegy Air allowing adding multiple layers of automation/manually controlled, template-based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more.

Cinegy Air PRO Bundle includes a Cinegy Titler Editor, a template designer for building and previewing templates offline, as well as a dedicated Cinegy CG tool to control up to 10 layers of graphics and animation – perfect for live operations such as news and sports. Cinegy Titler now also supports audio elements e.g. a “swoosh” sound when a logo appears or disappears

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