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Cinegy Multiviewer

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Cinegy Multiviewer is the all-software replacement for legacy hardware Multiviewer systems, allowing monitoring of MPEG-TS IP signals no matter whether they are return feeds from satellite receivers, from Cinegy Encode, Cinegy Air, Cinegy Capture or other IPstream sources including NDI. Cinegy Multiviewer can display unlimited SD/HD/4K IP streams with MPEG2, H.264 and HEVC video or SD/HD SDI inputs, subject only to the power of the hosting server and the ability to house the required number of physical input signals in one machine. In case the number of e.g. physical SDI inputs exceeds the possible density achievable in one box, the inputs can be distributed over multiple machines and/or converted into IP using Cinegy Encode. For GPU-acceleration Cinegy Multiviewer supports up to four NVIDIA GPU cards in one machine.