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The front end for large scale playout

The current broadcast environment demands an ever-increasing number of channels being supervised by a single operator. Vector 3 has created the tool for this new paradigm of playout

What you need, when you need

DRILLARIUM presents all the information in a timely and structured manner allowing the operator to concentrate on the relevant decisions.

All kinds of channels

Channels from SD to UHD, baseband or IP, channels with simple or complex workflows, channels with playlists composed of a routine succession of a programming to channels with a complex sequence of live programmes, all of them can be managed in one space within the DRILLARIUM front end.

Anywhere, everywhere

With DRILLARIUM operators do not need to be where the channels are originated. The physical support of the channels can be spread around the globe with the operators having control at their fingertips.

DRILLARIUM is composed by a set of windows and presentations with a variety of functions that can be displayed in different sets of monitors to configure the optimum environment for managing the emission.