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Aperi SDMP-4S Microserver

Real-time production video servers

The SDMP-4S or Software Defined Media Platform is a modular microserver designed to run software applications (apps) that require intense computational processing power and very low latency. Although the SDMP has a system architecture that has similarities to conventional servers, it uses state-of-the-art technology that provides the processing capabilities needed in apps such as live television production, financial trading and deep machine learning. Multiple apps can be staged on a microserver simultaneously enabling extensive adaptability for the platform. The microserver is based on the data concept of ‘single unit of deployment’ to run all apps. The apps can be downloaded as containerized bit files from an app store or repository and then run from memory in the low latency recomposable processor (FPGA). Physical access to the SDMP is accommodated via four SFP+/video SFP (small form factor pluggable) cages on the front panel of the microserver and two 10GbE parallel interface card edge connections at the rear. The microserver operates in the Aperi A1105 Ethernet Switch/Compute Platform (see A1105 data sheet). The A1105 platform can house up to five microservers and each microserver interfaces to ports on the Ethernet Switch in the A1105 via the two 10GbE ports on the microserver edge connector. This topology enables the seamless deployment of clusters of Ethernet connected microservers in a truly elastic architecture. The microserver has its own Linux based Aperi operating system. This OS has an associated ‘infrastructure API’ which is independent of the Open APIs that are integrated within each app that runs on the microserver. The microserver API assists with the orchestration and deployment of apps onto a microserver from an app repository.

Any app running on the microserver has as an integrated web server with an automatically discoverable intuitive user interface. The web server is accessed via the management port of the platform in which the microserver running the app is populated. Comprehensive information related to the microserver hardware on which the app is running is also accessible via this UI.

• Chassis – Populatse Aperi A1105 1RU Ethernet Switch/Compute Platform

• Module Form Factor – Industry standard telecommunications form factor defined by PICMG specifications

• Data Plane Processor – Xilinx FPGA with 2.5GBytes of DDR3–1.6GHz (also available with a quad core FPGA)

• Control Plane Processor – Processor with quad core using full Linux operating System

• App Staging on Microserver – Includes 16GBytes of flash memory to enable many different apps and app versions and instantaneously switch between them

• Networking – Dual 10GbE connections via card edge IEEE802.3 (also available in with dual 40GbE connections via card edge)

• Synchronization – Dual reference timing input for GPS, 1PPS or application layer (video) clock. IEEE 1588 capable.

• Application Layer Physical Interface – 4 x small form factor pluggable (SFP/SFP+) cages for any standards compliant modules

• Application Programming Interface – Open RESTFUL API using standard cloud model

• Graphical User Interface – Integrated web server with intuitive UI via HTTPS for all apps including microserver hardware status and authentication and authorization for security

• App Store – Apps can be managed and downloaded from an ‘app

store’ or app repository and run using an Aperi app license

• Applications – The microserver is ideal for low latency and intense computational processing applications including live

production, financial trading and image processing

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