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Studio X

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Studio X is one of the advanced products designed for demanding broadcast applications. It is particularly useful for multicamera ingest productions. Content such as TV shows and concert coverage requires highly interactive software, and the ability to quickly process large amounts of content. StudioX provides several functions, and can manage an unlimited number of channels and associated equipment. It also allows ‘on the fly’ editing and the convenient preparation of files for multicamera montages. The results are shorter production cycles and enriched content


  • Multifeed Ingest

  • Multiple Playout

  • Content Control, Edit and Playout

  • Edit-while-Ingest

  • Time-delay Recording

  • An unlimited number of channels

  • Playlist Editor to assemble the highlights of recording

  • Proxy Generation

  • Template Customisation

  • Creating a role to users

  • User-Specific Permissions

  • Playout Control

  • Up/Down Conversion

  • File and Folder Naming Automation

  • Multilanguage Support