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Studio X

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Studio X is one of the advanced products for multichannel record and playback. It allows to record and playback from an unlimited number of channels with up/down conversion. Studio X is a live production and a multicamera ingest suite. It can manage an unlimited number of associated equipment. It provides functions for time-delay, edit-while-ingest, proxy generation and more.


  • Multifeed Ingest

  • Multiple Playout

  • Content Control, Edit and Playout

  • Edit-while-Ingest

  • Time-delay Recording

  • An unlimited number of channels

  • Playlist Editor to assemble the highlights of recording

  • Proxy Generation

  • Template Customisation

  • Creating a role to users

  • User-Specific Permissions

  • Playout Control

  • Up/Down Conversion

  • File and Folder Naming Automation

  • Multilanguage Support