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mDECK is the ultimate professional media deck to record, ingest, transcode and play multiple channels of any media formats simultaneously. It supports file-based and baseband contents simultaneously and it is able to perform hybrid operations. This makes it a great choice for multiple media operations in IT and video networks.


Internal Asset ManagementSearch | Proxy Generation | Rough Cut | Metadata Management | Logging

Baseband Ingest: up to 4 simultaneous recordsMulti-camera Record | Loop Record | Crash Record | Schedule Record | Batch Record

File Playback: 4 simultaneous playsComposition Play | Loop Play | Instant Play | Schedule Play | Remote Preview | Playlist

File Ingest: up to 4 simultaneous transcodesCard Ingest | Growing Files Ingest | Schedule Ingest | Batch Ingest | Partial Restore | Clip Merge | Rough Cut | Clip Renaming