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IQ Sports Producer/IQSP

Production automation systems

The IQ Sports Producer is an all-in-one multi camera production suite operated by just one person. Its simple and intuitive interface allows anyone to produce and stream a game anywhere.

The IQ Sports Producer makes live and on-demand web broadcasting available without the hassle of hiring an entire camera crew. The system provides an automated video broadcast production with up to 3 180-degree cameras, which makes it possible to upgrade from a single camera to a multi camera production. The superb de-warping and stitching technology provides a natural-looking corrected image with straight line-markings.

With this technology, cost-effective cameras can be used for complete coverage of the playing field. A pan and zoomed image is automatically created by special developed game tracking technology. With extra features such as live streaming, game replay generator, commentary, scoreboard options and automatic summaries and highlights, the IQ Sports Producer enables clubs to capture, stream and re-publish their field games easily and cost-effectively.

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