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RTM – Real-Time Quality Monitoring and Recording

Test and measurement equipment and software

RTM features:

-Uncompressed, multi-channel, full-reference video quality monitoring

-Audio and video quality measurement with run-time test logging and user set quality threshold for impaired segment recording function

-Records uncompressed video/audio automatically based on each user set quality measurement thresholds

-Video metrics for quality testing include MS-SSIM on DMOS scale or PSNR

-Audio metrics include aFreq  for audio performance, A/V offset for lip sync, aPeak for program loudness, and VANC line data check

Latest New Features:

-Up to four HD channels of testing per system for HD models

-Applying SD with fewer HD tests provides additional instances

-Mix and match SDI or IP as source or processed test feed

-Automatic source vs. MPEG transport file QoE batch testing included with RTM Manager

-IP network input packet loss monitoring and on-screen graphing

-MPEG transport stream recording at time of test threshold failure for IP inputs

-Playback of an uncompressed test source during one full-reference test – all models apply this feature up to HD resolutions

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