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Outside broadcast and mobile facilities

With advanced technology, eStudio has combined Switcher, IP Signal Plug and Pull Flow, Multi-Screen , Tuner, Multi-Channel Recording, Multi-Camera Replacemetn Real 3D virtually, Subtitle and Graphics, Non-Linear Editor, Convergence Media Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Resource Searching and Streaming Media Live in it —-the epoch-making Dayang eStudio, overturning the traditional concept of the product. EStudio is a cost-saving and portable machine with functions of both studio and OB Van.

Broad-Cast Level Functions. 4 channel HD control switch, virtual studio production, publication recording system. The product adopts the advanced CPU4+GPU+FPGA collaborative computing hardware sturcture and is equipped with professional interface board, providing 4 channels of SDI signal input, 6 channels of IP flow signal input, 2 channels of SDI output, 1 channel of HDMI signal output, 1 channel of IP flow network live output, 8 channels of analog audio output, 4 channels of analog audio output, and 1 channel of stereo sound monitoring output. It supports multi-camera place control switching and tuning, 4 channels of HD signal simultaneous recording, 4 tracks of virtual studio hard keying, synchronization of pre- and post-production file editing, quick editing and slow-motion playing back of collection, one-click cloud live function, hotspot and macro command function and unmanned operating process through recognition of gestures of the host. It also supports Ref signal 1 channel of input and 1 channel of Ref output, being equipped with Tally interface; It is a standard 2U short, the quiet PC of which can be equipped with redundant power supply. It can get on frame and OBVan and can be used at the spot of live broadcast. It is suitable for all levels of media users, school TV station, quality course recording, troops, hospitals, network we-media live broadcast, field portable transmission and conference, live broadcast, recording of other industrial units of enterprises.

PC Configuration: Mainboard:INTEL Z270 CPU:Intel I7 6700 3.4GHZ Memory:16G Graphic Card:GTX1060 3GB DVI-D/HDMI System Hard Disk:SSD 128G Data Hard Disk:SATA3 4TB Board:RedBridge6B server+Digital Audio Power Supply:550W Machine Case:Dayang 2U Industrial-Level Short Machine Case Size:W*L*H(mm):430*89*440 Flight Case:Rod, Aluminum Case Body with Scroll Wheels, Size L*W*H(mm)630*580*270

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