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KATHREIN Smart Monitoring

Outside broadcast and mobile facilities

Kathrein Smart Monitoring is an innovative monitoring system for radio and TV transmitter stations. Using special sensors, the system, which Kathrein is developing together with the Swiss company “DAC System SA”, measures all important operating parameters of the transmitter station components in real time and compares them with the target values of the controlled operation. All measured data are fully recorded and can be an early indication of possible degradations. The station operator can easily access the measurement results over an IP network at any time. Critical changes in conditions and violations of threshold values release an alarm which is reported via app, text message or email.

The system leads to a significant decrease in the time and costs normally required for the maintenance, as routine checks on transmitter stations can be avoided or reduced. The Kathrein Smart Monitoring system can be integrated into new antenna systems as well as be retrofitted into an existing system.

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