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Libero Hybrid

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Libero Hybrid is a software which can be used to convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals to integrate them on an existing system. Software gives you brief information about input stream visualization such as video formats, frame rates, and bitrates. Libero Hybrid offers video and audio previews of multiple streams. It provides different SDI output formats per port via supported capture and playback cards.


  • Stable for 24/7 operations

  • SD/HD/UHD/4K/8K support(*)

  • SDI, NDI, WebRTC, IP Stream or File inputs

  • SDI, NDI or WebRTC outputs


  • Video and audio preview feature

  • Input bitrate chart

  • Loop feature for file inputs

  • LUFS(Loudness Units Relative to Full Scale) Audio Normalization

  • Audio Gain feature to turn up or down the audio level

  • Auto-recovery of disconnected or failed streams

  • Monitoring inputs to auto-activate outputs

  • Frame rate conversion (e.g. 30 fps to 25 fps)

  • Up/down/cross scaling

(*) Depending on the type of video cards