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VSN NewsConnect

Outside broadcast and mobile facilities

Meet VSN NewsConnect, the first web plugin for Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) that allows users to interconnect all the third-party systems necessary to create their news production environment with complete freedom of choice. Improve the speed in news production and delivery by accessing all the journalist’s tools from a single and centralized interface.

Main features:

Access from a single interface: Journalists and editors can access their NRCS, CG, NLE, studio playout and MAM systems from a single window, the NRCS system interface of their choice, without installing any additional software or hardware. This breakthrough allows them to make the most of their time and become more competitive in the execution of their tasks.

Cloud solution: VSN NewsConnect can be implemented in 100% Cloud environments thanks to its HTML5 development. This is a great added value to enhance collaborative work and remote production, allowing multiple users to create and produce news and live shows simultaneously from any geographical location.

Maximum compatibility: VSN NewsConnect is compatible via MOS with most NRCS and CG systems available in the market to allow reading the graphics template catalog and synchronizing the search and editing of graphics and media in a unified way. The system also features advanced integrations with most of the studio automation systems and Non-Linear Editors.

Remote interoperability: This plugin provides journalists with maximum freedom when creating a news story for any broadcast studio, since it is capable of adapting the media format and distribute it automatically to the different available receiving systems, even when these systems are from different brands or vendors.

Improved user experience: VSN offers broadcast and media companies the possibility to design their news production environment their way, so that users have at their disposal the best working tools that perfectly adapt to their needs from a single centralized environment. In this way, they can improve their efficiency and meet tight deadlines.

Access to an advanced MAM: With VSN NewsConnect, users have at their disposal one of the most complete MAM systems in the market within the interface of their NRCS, including powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for cataloging and advanced content searches, as well as one of the most agile web video editors available on the market, Wedit.

Latest updates (09/2020): Support for growing files for remote work environments. This development allows users to visualize the low resolution of a recording and start editing and working with it instantly, while it is still being ingested into the system. That is, they can simultaneously select video fragments of their interest, add them to the editing timeline, make quick video edits and consolidate the final piece in low resolution to send it to FTP or any destination for broadcast or publication.



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