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AI Powered Solution for International Distribution

Production automation systems

Smart Workflows is designed to help broadcasters across the media supply chain accelerate content transformation processes This scalable solution is based on active learning workflows which enables media companies to adapt to changing demands in media production, boosts speed to market and accelerates readiness for international distribution.


Detect Textless Elements  –  Identify shots with overlaid text & subtitles in a video and map those to their corresponding textless counterparts. These are commonly present after the end credits in a video asset”


  • Increased Time for Creativity – Free up employee bandwidth for creative/subjective tasks by eliminating manual & redundant editing tasks.

  • Faster Content Localization – Enable automation of various QC processes in post-production to accelerate international distribution

  • Pay per Use Model – Exercise greater control on workflow expenditure by paying only for the assets processed, devoid of committed costs.

  • Reduction in costs and effort involved in manual quality control and editing processes.

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