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Detect Textless Element with AthenasOwl Smart Workflows

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AthenasOwl Smart Workflows is an AI powered solution that allows post production teams to quickly identify shots with overlaid text and & subtitles within a show and map those to the corresponding textless (clean) counterparts, usually present after the end credits in a video asset. This speeds up the content transformation process, thus allowing for faster content localization.


Shot Transition Detection - Automated detection of transitions between shots in digital video for temporal segmentation of videos.

Texted Elements Detection - Automated detection of informational text overlays in digital video enabling the International Distribution.

Video Similarity Detection - Automated detection of duplicate scenes that are clear of any informational text overlays to enable the International Distribution.


  • Ready-to-onboard repository of accurately conformed master video feeds, audio feeds and subtitles for OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix, enabling accelerated content distribution.

  • Faster content localization required for international distribution.

  • Reduction in costs and effort involved in manual quality control and editing processes.