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Mo-Sys Lambda 2.0

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With a cleaner finish and upgraded internal drive chain, the revamped Mo-Sys Lambda 2.0 is set to disrupt the remote head market once more, being one of the only remote heads to feature programmable motion control.

High precision

The Lambda 2.0 is pre-equipped with telescopic camera plates, which provide quick and easy adjustment for any size of camera packages. The slip-ring technology allows continuous multi-turn 360˚ rotation on all axes without the worry of cable wraps. Since it was originally designed for motion control, the Lambda 2.0 offers and enhanced high-precision operation, accurate to a millionth of a full rotation, or a 3000th of a degree.

Incredible payload

The gears are also strong enough to cope with out-of-balance cameras that weigh up to 50kg. The head is capable of moving the heaviest cameras with a feather-like touch and can even handle 3D-stereoscopic mirror rigs.

Strong gears

Unlike some of its competitors, Lambda 2.0 has zero backlash. As a result, there is no ramping-up to overcome the backlash and, therefore, no latency. Now, integrated with the specially-designed gears from our L-40, it is reliable and robust, and can be used in extreme temperatures, enduring both in Siberia and the Sahara.

Intuitive controls

Another reason why the head is so popular is its ease of use. It comes with an operator friendly touchscreen control with an intuitive user interface that makes changing the settings, recording a move and playing it back a quick and painless task. The motion data can be recorded and used for post-production VFX.


Another strong point of the Lambda 2.0 is its modularity. A two-axis head can be effortlessly upgraded to a three-axis model with a 360˚ roll axis, allowing operators to perform quick and smooth start and stop shots, allowing very subtle slow dutch moves, all with lightning fast precision. The additional roll-axis is controlled by a 3rd hand wheel or joystick remotely located at the operating desk for ease of use.

Console features

With the modularity come three stages of operational sophistication. The touchscreen operator can set the level with a password we provide. Some rental houses have been using the first level head as a tech-less system. The second level is for motion control with a simple, tech-less operation.