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TallyMan Control

Production automation systems

With over 1,000 installations worldwide, TallyMan has proven to be the most flexible and user-configurable broadcast control system available, providing a simple but powerful layer of control to any facility, delivering against three demands of the industry today:;seamless high quality, high production values, and cost control.

TSL’s advanced control systems allows users to easily gain exclusive control over resources, streamline operations and automate key functions to improve efficiencies and maintain high level production values, no matter the complexity of the underlying system.

Advanced Device Control and IP Device Routing:

IP Device Routing – Simple and intuitive interface that translates IP workflows to retain the familiarity of SDI routing, providing signal control and routing of edge devices in ST-2110 networks.

Powerful tools for remote production – open up channel delegation, add security controls and protect devices with a system built on independent device protocol translation and intuitive interfaces that add flexibility and efficiency to operations.

Playout and Transmission:

Cost-Effective Playout – Easily implement automation playout functions for up to four channels or align with existing systems to act as a cost-effective secondary system. Includes intuitive playlist creation, as-run log and crash & automated ingest record.

Cloud Playout Solutions – to make it a Small Step, instead of a Giant Leap to cloud playout, use the GTP Control Processor to mimic video server functionality and allow the automation system to control a familiar playout device.

Transmission Control – safely switch between SCTE 104 /35 Command Generators. Easily distribute SCTE Commands across Signal Chains and Streams. Simplify distribution by manipulating SCTE Command Messages at the Edge to fulfil contracted obligations. Validate SCTE Messages prior to Injector / Encoder.

Production Automation:

MOS Gateway plus ENPS / iNews Interface – Configured to match customer specific workflows to support control over any GPI/O, Serial, or IP Device from MOS rundown, with simple button or virtual panel interfaces that give production staff true control.

Plug & play Interfaces:

Individual and intelligent button panels – control any GPI/O, IP, RS422, or RS232 enabled device. Perform simple and complex functions from a single button push – GPI trigger, relay closure, web key etc. Perfect for flyaway kits, small productions tasks and one button configurations, controlling anything, located anywhere.

Expanded plug & play functions – Interface new systems to legacy devices, monitor SNMP traps, generate alarm output GPOs, convert on / off GPI Inputs to Serial or Ethernet Messages, convert serial or ethernet messages to GPI output on / off, with web-browser based Setup and Configuration.

Additional features include Ember+ support, enabling engineers to integrate all Ember+ capable 3rd party devices and provide control to operators in an accessible and intuitive manner. Advanced capabilities of a broad range of broadcast equipment and can be accessed and integrated into automated workflows and streamlined operations.

User can also use the Studio Failover functions to create presets for all devices in a studio/control rool, to automatically trigger preset recall and source selection failover across the facility.

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