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IBM Aspera® Orchestrator

Supply chain management and orchestration

Aspera Orchestrator is a web-based application and SDK platform that enables precise control over the Aspera high-performance file transfer environment. It allows organizations to build efficient, predictable file processing pipelines that interconnect business units and external partners. With Orchestrator, files can be directed, processed and redirected with easy-to-define rules based on an organization’s workflows and using existing IT infrastructure. Aspera automation streamlines complex workflows and ensures that each processing step is accurately performed.


Visually define and automate execution of your existing workflows

Aspera Orchestrator’s interactive graphical designer makes it easy to compose execution streams based on an organization’s existing workflows. Users can use drag-and-drop visual elements to define logical sequences, inputs, action types, outputs and dependencies, and group them into reusable templates. The graphical interface also allows users to monitor active workflows in real time and to drill down into a detailed history of operations.


An intelligent decision engine with a rich library of plug-ins

To automate workflows and assure timely delivery of content under fixed schedules, Aspera Orchestrator combines a logical execution engine with third-party plug-ins for asset transformation, quality control and other functions. Its conditional rules engine binds inputs to actions on the fly, allowing results from earlier steps to decide subsequent actions in the pipeline, including prompting for human input if needed. An expanded array of plug-ins covers the leading encoding, transcoding, watermarking, and verification products, in addition to full support of verification of file format standards such as ADI, MXF, AS-11 and DPP file formats, and FIMS.


Support high-volume workflows

Workflow orchestration systems depend on predictable delivery of files to feed their processing pipeline. To ensure uninterrupted data flow regardless of system load, Orchestrator relies on FASP®, Aspera’s unique, patented, bulk data transfer technology that enables high-speed data delivery regardless of file size and format, transfer distance, or network conditions.


Easy-to-use interfaces for defining and monitoring complex workflows 

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop, browser-based interface for fast and efficient graphical workflow composition.

  • Reusable workflow and workflow sub-sequence templates make it easy to create repeatable, consistent operations.

  • Execution dashboard and notifications enable real-time workflow oversight.


Powerful engine for logical, conditional execution 

  • Rules engine can make decisions on the fly, based on transfer attributes, extracted metadata, user input, or outputs from preceding steps.

  • Automatic restart on transmission failures and support for parallel execution.

  • A rich library of plug-ins for leading transcoding, quality control, antivirus, ad insertion, digital fingerprinting and other solutions.

  • On-the-fly reordering of job queues enables real-time prioritization of critical items.


Integrated with Aspera FASP® for maximum data transfer speeds 

  • Scales for the most demanding file-based workflows, processing thousands of files per hour.

  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire allocated bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other traffic.

  • 100% reliable data delivery: automatically resumes partial transfers, retries failed transfers and falls back to HTTP for highly restrictive networks.


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