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CLEAR™ Digital Lab

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PFT’s CLEAR Digital Lab automates the content
supply chain, connects the production
ecosystem, and acts as the Media Universe for
secure content operations from content
acquisition through distribution and archiving.
CLEAR Digital Lab brings together the various
stakeholders and suppliers engaged in the
production and post production processes with
supply chain vendors for various tasks, such as
editorial, VFX, post production, sound,
localization, mastering, and downstream
distribution to connect the entire ecosystem.
Built around CLEAR Media ERP’s Primetime
Emmy® award winning DAX® Production Cloud
and Cloud MAM software modules, CLEAR
Digital Lab is well equipped to handle scripted,
unscripted, short form and digital content
genres. It has the capability to handle files of
different resolutions, content types, help review
and collaborate, track jobs and manage media
logistics including distribution of varied content
types across the production supply chain.