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Supply chain management and orchestration

Based on the same switching and video processing used in its renowned KVM and video matrix switches, the 4K Multiviewer offers single-box switching and display selection of up to four single- or dual-head inputs onto two or four 4K displays.

The multiviewer is designed for installations that require simultaneous interactive control of several computers using keyboard and mouse or other HID devices.  Typical applications include broadcast installations and production suites.

  • Combined 4:2 KVM switch and flexible multiviewer

  • 4:2 KVM switch – 4 inputs, 2 outputs

  • 4K60Hz 4:4:4 input and output

  • Variety of multiviewing operation modes

  • Single-and dual-head operation

  • Low latency image transmission

  • Combined audio and acoustic alarms

  • De-embedding to 8-channel digital and stereo analog audio

  • 8-channel digital audio via video interface

  • Redundant PSU

  • Intuitive shared keyboard and mouse control

  • GPIO interface

  • USB2.0 support

  • Blockable USB2.0 transparent and switching

  • SNMP monitoring and reporting

  • 1U Rack mount

  • Integrates into Draco tera infrastructure

Inputs and outputs are handled at 4K resolution with sub-100ms propagation delay, allowing the Multiviewer to meet the demanding requirements of control and incident rooms in all sectors whilst offering instant interactive control from operators.  Outputs are suitable for multi-screen workstation applications as well as multi-window large screen videowalls.

Internal image processing provides display splitting (dual and quadscreen modes) as well as adaptable scaling, tiling and picture-in-picture display.Video synchronisation between input and output channels eliminates image flickering and allows images of greater than 8K and above to be handled and displayed.

A single keyboard and mouse can be used to interact with all source images displayed on an output screen.  This reduces the desktop clutter and operator confusion associated with multiple keyboards and mice on a desktop.  Simply rolling the mouse over a different source activates that control path.

A simple keyboard GUI control, also derived from the Draco tera KVM control methodology enables user source and preset selection.In addition integrated 8-point GPIO module and IP control enable external switching by network or push-button mechanisms as well as LED indication of active status and sources.

As with all IHSE products, the 4K multiviewer incorporates extensive redundancy and backup features and SNMP options to meet every operational reliability scenario.

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