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VSNExplorer BPM

Supply chain management and orchestration

VSNExplorer BPM module, broadcast and media companies can achieve a greater control and visibility of all their processes and workflows, increasing productivity and helping detect bottlenecks. This module can help orchestrate and automate repetitive processes, saving time and resources, and improving the integration between the different systems and departments in the company.

Business Process Management (BPM) systems increase productivity, help detecting and managing bottlenecks, orchestrate and automate business processes and improve the integration of different systems and departments. Thanks to this software, audiovisual companies gain simplicity and efficiency, focusing on getting their operation close to the business. BPM tools are designed to improve company’s performance through the identification, design, execution, monitoring, control and analysis of every business process implemented by an organization. this systems help them automate and organize repetitive tasks and processes, freeing resources that can be reallocated to more creative tasks.

VSNExplorer BPM is VSN’s solution in this field, designed to offer all the necessary tools for business process management on any company or group of companies. With advanced features to have full control over workflows and actions, task assignment to users depending on the daily needs, total flexibility for being adapted and integrated with any system, VSNexplorer BPM helps companies to increase productivity from the very first day.

VSNExplorer BPM provides companies with the necessary tools to obtain better results and improve its performance creating Business Processes (BPs) adapted to their needs, integrating with both VSN and third-party solutions. VSNExplorer BPM enable the creation of synergies between different systems and users. Starting with a Processes Consultancy, and bearing in mind the specific needs of each company, VSN professionals, together with the customer, will orchestrate the different BPs that will automate and organize the different tasks and workflows concerning service, product or content production.

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