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ProStream X

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

The Harmonic ProStream X video stream processor leverages advances in IT infrastructure to provide high-performance, high-throughput stream processing for mission-critical MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC delivery applications. The platform possesses a variety of advanced video processing capabilities, including multiplexing, scrambling, splicing and blackout switching. Featuring 10 Gbps throughput, it also serves as a high-capacity video gateway. The ProStream X stream processor runs on a 1-RU, COTS Intel® appliance and pairs with the Harmonic Electra™ X2 advanced media processor to deliver a compact, software-based solution for encoding and distributing superior-quality IP video streams.

ProStream X features include:

High-Throughput Processing

The ProStream X stream processor offers the choice of quad 1-GbE, dual 10-GbE or ASI I/O. The high-throughput 10-GbE option supports up to 2,000 simultaneous multiplexing and scrambling services. Gateway capabilities include socket address flipping, ASI-to-IP conversion and IP mirroring.


ProStream X is the industry’s first stream processor to support 128-bit DVB CSA3 encryption, integrated and certified by Cisco and Irdeto, making it the most secure stream processing solution for distributing UHD broadcast services. DVB CSA2, IPTV AES and BISS scrambling are also supported.

Statistical Multiplexing

Harmonic’s DiviTrackIP™ option integrates statistical multiplexing and IP switching by connecting ProStream X systems with remote Harmonic Electra X2 encoders across a LAN or WAN, allowing any ProStream X in the network to efficiently manage the encoders’ statmux pools.


ProStream X processor supports both live-to-live splicing, which allows to switch between main and alternative live feeds seamlessly, with no ETR 290 errors at output.

“Pay As You Grow” Scalability

As processing needs evolve, the software-based ProStream X platform makes it easy to incrementally add or upgrade I/O modules and firmware licenses, simplifying scalability and extending the system’s value.

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