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OTT Content Creation

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

Great content needs great delivery mechanisms to reach the broadest possible audience. Different devices, from mobile phones to 8K TVs, require different formats and different codecs. MainConcept’s OTT Content Creation SDK enables delivery of any content to any device, whether VOD, live or with ultra-low-latency. The rich feature set allows addressing all requirements for multi-language and multi-subtitle. Multiple audio codecs cater the requirements of content rights owners as well as ensure compatibility with any playback device.

Live content can now be delivered using CMAF to achieve end-to-end latencies close to broadcast and guarantee a near-live experience for all viewers.

CMAF Low-latency

Bring content delivery as close to the live edge as possible using CMAF Low-latency with chunked uploading to the server (or CDN) while preserving all features of adaptive bitrate streaming. Multiple audio languages, multiple subtitles – just delivered significantly quicker.


Deliver your content to any device by using either HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or MPEG-DASH formatting. Re-purpose the same content for both formats by using fragmented MP4 (fMP4) media and format-specific playlists.

Live and VOD

MPEG-DASH or HLS content creation for both live and VOD production workflows giving the user the freedom of choice for the right mode to deliver content to the appropriate OTT platform.

HEVC and AVC Support

Reduce bandwidth by using HEVC/H.265 Video in either streaming format. For compatibility with legacy devices AVC/H.264 Video can be added to the adaptive streaming set.

MP2 and fMP4 support

In order to cater for older devices with legacy HLS protocol implementations, formatting to MP2 Transport Stream is fully supported.

Multi-Audio, Multi-Subtitle

Using either AAC, Dolby Digital AC-3 or Dolby Digital E-AC-3 audio in multiple languages you can ensure that your content is not only seen, but also heard in optimal quality. Subtitles either as TTML/IMSC1, WebVTT or as closed captions ensure that what you hear is what you read.

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