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TotalCode Studio

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TotalCode Studio is an efficient and cost-effective transcoding solution, designed to meet the needs of almost any professional use case–from content producers, to broadcasters, OTT, consumer electronic manufacturers, and more. With many ready-to-use presets and advanced encoder settings, TotalCode Studio enables you to convert your video and audio into a variety of formats, including many of the latest standards – HEVC, Ultra HD 4K, AS-11UK DPP, MPEG-DASH, and popular distribution formats like Apple HLS. TotalCode Studio now offers powerful algorithms for PQ / HDR-10 to HLG HDR conversion, and vice versa, as well as full compliance with non-HDR devices by allowing PQ/HDR-10 and HLG to SDR conversion.

Many powerful features are included such as watch folder automation, batch list encoding, and audio and video filters (color correction, timecode insertion, and audio normalization). With a robust feature-set and the simplicity of a desktop application, TotalCode Studio is ideal for production environments requiring professional quality and performance.