Scte 35 - IABM Single BaM Product

Scte 35 - IABM Single BaM Product




SCTE-35 is a specification which defines “Dynamic Ad-Insertion”. Today a lot of OTT content contains hard-coded advertisements in the stream. These ads become outdated after a while and need to be replaced. In the earlier days this required re-authoring the titles and re-encoding media.

Dynamic Ad-Insertion addresses this problem. Inside an MPEG Transport Stream (TS) information is embedded which marks the start and the duration of a pre-produced ad. Using this information it is possible to replace the pre-produced ad in such a stream with fresh, up-to-date content from a server. MainConcept’s SCTE-35 SDK enables handling Ad-Insertion data by providing access in a user-friendly way using XML files so that establishing a connection with an Ad Decision Server or modifying Ad-Insertion information becomes a simple task.

Interface with MPEG-2 Transport Streams

Extract or insert SCTE-35 information from or into MPEG-2 Transport streams as used in DVB or ATSC transmission systems. The SCTE-35 information can be identified by Program Information Description (PID) and associated with individual programs in the stream.

Conversion to and from XML

Facilitate handling of Ad-Insertion information by using human-readable XML files which can be edited or used in conjunction with Ad Decision Servers for Ad replacement.

Heartbeat Information

Create Placeholders in a transport stream which signal that at a later point in time SCTE-35 information will be present at a certain PID in the stream.


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