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Dolby Digital Consumer SDK

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

The MainConcept Dolby® Digital Consumer SDK supports Dolby’s surround sound technology that delivers high-quality digital audio for up to 5.1 discrete channels (L/C/R/LS/RS/LFE). It is the worldwide audio standard found in DVD players, broadcasted HDTV channels, IPTV solutions, etc. The AC-3 standard is based on the ATSC A/52 Revision B specification. MainConcept offers Encoder and Decoder SDKs to create and playback audio streams that are compliant with Dolby’s exciting audio technology.

Support for up to Six Channels Surround Sound

Encoding and decoding for different channel layouts ranging from mono, stereo up to 5.1 for the perfect Dolby audio experience.

Large Number of Supported Media & Devices

Dolby (AC-3) is major audio standard that is compliant with numerous devices ranging from DVD / Blu-ray players, TV sets up to mobile devices and PC platforms delivering clear and excellent quality..

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