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Hybrid GPU HEVC Encoder

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The Hybrid GPU HEVC Encoder unifies MainConcept’s market-leading algorithms for bitrate control and quality software encoding with the unrivaled performance of NVIDIA's RTX architecture leading to the next generation HEVC processing.

HEVC/H.265 software encoding is a highly resource-intensive task. It requires high-end server systems to do 4K60p live conversion. And if you target at excellent quality, you will easily reach the hardware’s limits. Not to mention 8K or doing multi-layer H.265 real-time encodes on regular desktop system. However, there are various options for GPU encoding on the market, but users often claim that the quality is not acceptable. Of course, this always depends on the actual use-case. Wouldn’t it be cool if there is no more need to sacrifice quality for speed or vice versa?

MainConcept’s latest innovation in state-of-the-art codec engineering, the Hybrid GPU HEVC Encoder, bridges the gap between high-quality software and fast performing hardware encoding. It uses the best of both worlds! Combining MainConcept’s market-proven algorithms for rate control and quality encoding with the processing power of NVIDIA's RTX architecture, MainConcept Hybrid GPU HEVC Encoder guarantees both best-in-class image quality at tremendous speed and strict adherence to the target bitrate. If quality is not the primary goal, Hybrid GPU accelerated encoding delivers faster processing, allowing for more live channels per server, with less demand for CPU power when encoding which will result in lower investment in hardware costs. Furthermore, HEVC 8K live encoding using standard server hardware is not a dream anymore.

What else to say? Lots of, but it would be more convenient to get your hands on the free eval. version of the MainConcept HEVC / H.265 SDK and test Hybrid GPU HEVC encoding directly within your workflow.