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OTT Content Creation for GStreamer

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

Great content needs a great delivery vehicle to reach the broadest audience possible, and different device-types require different video formats and codecs. MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer enables delivery of live and on-demand video content to any device.

With MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK for GStreamer, you get a complete encoding and transcoding pipeline, including our industry leading HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video encoders, developed for seamless integration within the GStreamer API.

The SDK also supports dedicated hardware processing on Intel Quick Sync Video and NVENC HEVC, as well as Hybrid HEVC GPU Accelerated Encoding on NVIDIA RTX cards.

MainConcept OTT Content Creation SDK includes plugins to enable the creation of different GStreamer pipelines for generating MPEG-DASH and HLS content.


  • HEVC/H.265 Video Encoder

  • AVC/H.264 Video Encoder

  • Fraunhofer AAC Encoder

  • MPEG-2 Multiplexer

  • MP4 Multiplexer

  • MPD Generator

  • HLS Generator

  • File Sink

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