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Chimera-RM Professional Video Encoder / Satellite Modulator

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More than twenty years of terrestrial and satellite broadcasting experience went into the design of the Chimera-RM video encoder. Chimera-RM addresses the need for a flexible and easy to use video encoder that meets the changing requirements of TV broadcasters. It contains all the features necessary to stream to Facebook Live or YouTube live one day, transmit a RF modulated carrier in a satellite fly-away pack supporting a remote shot the next, while at the same time providing peace of mind that it can be used in an emergency to get your ATSC station back on the air – with dynamic PSIP – if needed. Chimera-RM is a powerful and flexible encoder in a compact, portable form factor that allows two encoders to be mounted side by side in just 1RU with optional rack mount kit. Licenses are available to support Dynamic PSIP, AC3 & AAC Audio, BISS encryption, Recording, Decoding, and Transcoding. Chimera-RM is small enough to fit into a backpack, yet powerful enough to encode, decode, transcode, record and stream via IP and satellite simultaneously.