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Genova Live

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

Genova Live is a low-latency, software-based encoder combined with a push packager for live OTT and IPTV video streaming. The encoder compresses live video and audio feeds to multi-bitrate H.264 (AVC) and HEVC, for content in SD, HD and 4K / UHD with HDR. It then packages these feeds on the fly for IPTV and multi-bitrate OTT TV and pushes the content to third party CDNs.

Since we develop Genova Live software in-house, and create proprietary implementations of standard codecs, we can modify the settings as needed to reduce latency, improve picture quality or resolve any interoperability issues. Genova Live software can also integrate with hardware that is best adapted for each customer scenario, be it density, video quality or price.

The packaging component of Genova Live is low latency by design, and has a full feature set which includes HbbTV, several subtitle conversion modes and compatibility with a large number of CDNs.

Built on a modular architecture, Genova Live can encode on a physical server, or can reuse existing servers in a private or public cloud, with virtualization or Docker containerization. It can also be remotely managed and monitored and integrates seamlessly within existing content processing workflows.

Key benefits : – Genova Live is an ultra-low latency original design (under 2 seconds) – Special packager settings: CMAF-LLC reduces latency to under the size of the GOP structure, without impacting encoding quality – Compatible with a maximum number of private and public CDNs, including Akamai (certified), AWS and Huawei – Reliable: Genova Live encoders are deployed globally, running 24/7 to serve broadcast-quality content – High density, GPU-based encoding mode uses less hardware to reduce power consumption and hardware maintenance costs – Content-aware encoding mode preserves high video quality while lowering bandwidth requirements and CDN costs – It can run on COTS servers, virtual machines or containers – Future-proof, upgradeable software – ‘Pay as you grow’ licensing

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