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Anevia Pilot for Genova

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

Anevia Pilot for Genova is a central management system that makes it easy to remotely manage and monitor hundreds of services over a large number of Genova Live encoders and Genova Packagers.

With Anevia Pilot for Genovayou can configure encoding or packaging settings once, and apply those – through the push of a button – simultaneously to an entire park of servers. Through the device or service view, you can monitor your encoders or packagers as well as the different services, to take corrective actions as necessary. Anevia Pilot for Genova also provides real-time status of your servers and will send out alerts if something is wrong.

Anevia Pilot for Genova is fully virtualizable and upgradeable, it functions on COTS servers and ensures N+1 redundancy. You can take one or several servers offline for scheduled maintenance if desired, without disrupting services. And since it can import or export a complete system and duplicate it, Anevia Pilot for Genova can also be used for disaster recovery.

Key benefits: – Futureproof, upgradeable software – It can run on COTS servers, virtual machines or containers – ‘Pay as you grow’ licensing – Facilitates deployment and operations of large parks of encoders or packagers – Can import/export a complete system and duplicate it for disaster recovery / backup – All or part of the services can be instantly: — Configured with a minimal number of operations by factorizing the configuration of multiple services — Deployed on multiple servers with a unified interface — Operated by changing the status of groups of services — Monitored to control the state of services and handling the redundancy

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