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Network Streaming

Encoding and multiplexing for distribution and re-distribution

Sending and receiving media data over networks supporting streaming protocols like RTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTMP, RTMPS, UDP, SDP, TCP, etc., and many Codecs and Formats provided by MainConcept.

What good is audiovisual media, when it’s only stored locally on a hard disk? Content becomes valuable when it’s being distributed, either locally in the facility for collaboration or globally for sharing and viewing. MainConcept Network Streaming SDKs enable media streaming and sharing in a variety of formats. Whether unicast or multicast, whether using RTP or RTMP for direct point-to-point connections or using UDP for custom streaming. Direct, unencrypted, or with added security layers, almost everything is possible using MainConcept Streaming SDKs.

The Network Server SDKs enables RTP, RTSP, RTMP* and now also RTMPS* streaming any media, in almost any codec from your application to any network client. Applications range from media exchange inside the facility, generating live feeds for broadcasting to Facebook Live ingest.

Its counterparts, the Network Client SDKs enable applications to receive and ingest media via RTP, RTSP, RTMP* as well as from Adaptive Streaming* sources using HLS, MPEG-DASH or Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

Seamless integration with MainConcept demultiplexers and decoders is guaranteed by providing access to the network components through the renowned MainConcept API.

* Features require optional licenses.


Create content and stream to Facebook Live directly from your application. The added security layer, now mandated by Facebook, ensures reliable and protected media connections for efficient live distribution.

Realtime Streaming for lowest latency

Utilize robust and proven realtime protocols to deliver content with minimal latency. Granular control over buffering settings allows tuning the behavior to meet any network condition and latency requirements.


Added protocol support for receiving audio broadcast streams via ICECAST easily enables ingesting of radio streams into any application.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Whether it is MPEG-DASH, HLS or Microsoft Smooth Streaming, the Network Client SDK enables ingesting content from ABR sources into any application.

Complete protocol support

Single API for all supported protocols for fast integration

Monitoring and Buffer Statistics

Network components provide comprehensive realtime information about delay, buffer levels and network jitter.

IGMPv3 with source-specific multicast

Supporting latest specification to reduce network traffic and improve security

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