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Aston – Designers’ Choice for 2D/3D Motion Graphics

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Aston - Designers’ Choice for 2D/3D Motion Graphics

Aston is a motion graphics creation, CG and playout system developed with the designers in mind, created from the ground up to be extremely user-friendly so the operators can concentrate on creation rather than pure operation.

Broadcast design is a demanding task and the pressure is constant to quickly deliver or modify high-quality graphics that enhance a channel’s branding and program content. Designed for a robust on-air operation, designers can create, manipulate, animate and perform last-minute changes, even while on-air. Aston enables the design team to change any of the attributes on the template in real-time making the improvement process easier and faster.

Aston is resolution independent and works with any HDTV flavour, 4K or even higher resolutions for larger screens. In addition, Aston is MOS compatible and also supports a wide range of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj and.3ds, to name a few.

Aston 4 gains a number of enhancements that further improve its capabilities, like shader-based 2D fonts or the ability to open multiple projects simultaneously for playout. And thanks to the LAYERS feature, the Aston family of applications is enhanced with the addition of Aston Multichannel. With this, Aston provides extended workflow possibilities, including playout of multiple channels from a single workstation or from different workstations, which can also be combined with multiple simultaneous projects. Additionally, InfinitySet now includes an Aston Crosspoint for further flexibility. Aston now takes full advantage of NVIDIA's GPU movie decoding, while its PBR material rendering has been further enhanced.

Created for designers

Aston has been created from the ground up to be extremely user-friendly, so designers can concentrate on creation rather than on pure operation.

Intuitive drag-and-drop creation

Adaptive Contextual Interface. The basic tools are always present, but as the design grows the required contextual tools become automatically visible

Properties and attributes. Objects always display all their properties, so designers have all the information at hand, anytime.

Supports a wide range of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj or .3ds

Advanced primitives, objects and materials

Brainstorm supports a wide variety of objects and primitives, from simple spheres to intricate curves or arrows, which also allow for multiple properties. Practically all the parameters (geometry, size, appearance, materials…) of the wide variety of objects and primitives supported by Aston are editable.

Aston includes a wide variety of primitives: Basic primitives (sphere, cone, cube…), curves, data bars, particles systems and much more, all with multiple parameters.

Parameters are fully editable and animatable: geometry, size, appearance, materials… Also, objects can be adhered together, grouped and work as a unit when required.

Font and text management

Aston supports advanced real-time 3D Fonts with extremely precise rendering quality and extensive features and parameters with real-time render and operation.