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OnDemand – Multipurpose Playout Solution

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OnDemand is a flexible yet powerful playout solution that fits perfectly in any broadcast environment regardless of its complexity, allowing the playout and immediate broadcast of Aston graphics and templates, and edit them on the fly if required. OnDemand even allows users to control Aston projects when embedded in InfinitySet.

The control and playout of graphics is becoming increasingly complex as the number and combination of graphical elements to be displayed multiplies. OnDemand can control all such elements and is able to launch graphics simultaneously, sequentially, in random order and combine them as required.

OnDemand provides operators with a flexible toolset to create rundown lists, modify them on the fly, and delve into the details allowing individual editing of elements such as graphics, videos and on-air shots, and then playing them out to air. It is a powerful playout application that enables the easy management and playout of complex graphics templates in any order and combination, for broadcasters who require more than a simple rundown system.

OnDemand has the ability to operate in multiple modes, making it the ideal tool for any playout situation: live sports, channel branding, gameshows, news, tickers, election graphics and many more. The integration with Aston is such that OnDemand’s powerful playout even understands the specific behaviour of any Aston graphic.