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AstonElections – Template-based Elections and Business Graphics

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AstonElections is cost-effective and extremely user-friendly, template-based intuitive application intended for graphics coverage for broadcast elections, and the result of more than 20 years of experience that Brainstorm has in delivering election projects to a large number of major broadcasters all over the world. It can be used as a standalone solution or users of the InfinitySet virtual studio application can combine it within a virtual environment.

AstonElections combines the necessary key features to control all aspects involving data management. So, once data is loaded -manually or via a CSV file, Aston Elections automatically reorders data, rearranges the graphics and divides them into pages depending on the number of items to show, always ensuring they are displayed fluidly on screen.

Why AstonElections

AstonElections is a simple, easy-to-use application that provides customization and on-air playout of Elections and business graphics based on pre-defined templates

Allows for hassle-free operation for broadcast and corporate environments.

Combines the advanced graphics and CG features of Aston with the powerful playout features of OnDemand.

Template-based graphics

AstonElections provides customization and on-air playout of Elections and business graphics pre-defined templates, allowing hassle-free operation for broadcast and corporate environments. AstonElections does not require specialised election knowledge. AstonElections’ highly intuitive interface allows for the simple and easy use of complex, high-quality and eye-catching graphics.

AstonElections can sort the data for you, reformat the graphic with the data and divide it into pages depending on the content. In addition, AstonElections allows the entry of data manually. Use the same template with different data as many times as you want by loading an independent CSV file in the rundown mode. AstonElections comes with 20 customizable templates.