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Virtual 1st

Production graphics and CG

Virtual 1st, ChyronHego’s innovative Down & Distance solution for American Football, is part of the most innovative end-to-end in-stadium fan engagement solution available, and currently seeing action with a number of NFL teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and other teams.

Virtual 1st allows a single operator to quickly insert virtual lines of scrimmage, 1st down markers and animated graphics that are easily customized to match your unique on-air or in-stadium style. “Hands-free” operation is also available since Virtual 1st integrates with the NFL’s GSIS data to automate the positon of the 1st down line.

Built on a fully blown virtual graphics package, it’s easy to create custom graphics such as a sponsored ‘red zone’, field goal lines, virtual Jumbotrons, and other graphics that connect and engage your fans.

Virtual 1st offers lower Total Cost of Ownership and a higher Return on Investment. For example, do you need to provide custom graphics and sponsor promos to your stadium suites and the big screen? No problem! Virtual 1st lets you take one camera and create up to three unique outputs – each with their own individual sponsor or advertising logo.

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