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CG-Portable-A is a small, lightweight unit which can generate captions and overlay logos onto video streams.  It’s ideal for use as a portable graphics generator for insertion into TV programmes and other video productions.

Typical applications include

  • Low cost character generator for large and small productions e.g. house of worship, theatrical performances, local sports events

  • Weather and general information display in TV broadcast

  • Emergency bulletins overlaid onto regular programming

  • Daily information and updates in public areas such as transport hubs, office receptions and hotel lobbies

  • Branding and logo insertion for point of entry displays in shops, museums, galleries etc

Key features

  • Real-time Fill/Key composition

  • Offers both DSK mode (Fill/Key send) and Internal Mix mode (compositing with external video)

  • Store up to 70 HD-sized images

  • Two lines of text (multilingual support)

  • Text can be scrolled vertically or horizontally

  • Adjustable font sizes, colours, transparency and borders

  • Timer display (count up/down)

  • Simple operation via web browser