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LiveCG Broadcast

Production graphics and CG

LiveCG Broadcast is the most compact multilayer character generator for automatic management of titles and graphics. It is a 1U turnkey system providing video makers with a wide range of tools to create and insert all kinds of graphics in their live video productions, from a user friendly interface and within a few clicks. Made for all kinds of productions, election results, sports scores, and television game shows, LiveCG Broadcast features an exclusive social media broadcasting engine. It’s perfect for music, sport, news and shopping channels. LiveCG Broadcast can handle multiple dynamic sources simultaneously: split the screen to display music titles, artists, people information, games ranking, stock exchange rates or breaking news, updated automatically from RSS feeds, text files or Excel spreadsheets. LiveCG Broadcast is delivered with Social Hub software for real time social media management and moderation. The Social Hub collects posts, messages, images and videos in real time on a dedicated interface, coming from Facebook®, Twitter®, Flickr®, WhatsApp®, Skype®, Instagram®, Line®, RSS feeds, email accounts. Social Hub is delivered with a GSM modem to receive SMS.

LiveCG Broadcast is now available as a software version, LiveCG Broadcast NDI (NDI in and NDI out) and can be installed on any PC. The software version takes any NDI feed and adds on top of it as many graphic layers as needed. It also comes with Social Hub, which allows to include the social media feeds to the overlay.

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