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M-PIP picture-in-picture device

Production graphics and CG

The M-PIP has been designed for IP or SDI playout applications that need one or two picture-in-picture boxes to be inset on the main programme or a coloured background.

Picture-in-picture functionality has previously only been available as part of some production mixers, channel-in-a-box systems and master control mixers. As a dedicated double box generator, the M-PIP therefore provides a cost-effective solution for those who only require picture-in-picture functionality, while it can also be used to add extra capability to a standard playout or studio system.

Up to two boxes can be inset on the programme or matte background when required, either by selecting the required foreground flow source or by using preset recall. Controls are available to independently size and position the two boxes on the screen, as well as to manipulate the size and position of the images inside those boxes. A coloured border, as well as edge softness, can be applied to each box if required. The boxes can be faded up and down, while the background can be faded out to black. The M-PIP provides 16 presets which can be used to create and store different looks for the boxes and then be recalled by using Crystal Vision’s ASCII or JSON protocols in conjunction with the broadcaster’s own control system, or alternatively by using the company’s VisionWeb control software.

The M-PIP can be used with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110 video), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time for hybrid systems. This gives you the easiest possible SDI to IP upgrade, while also making it perfect for mixed SDI and IP installations as well as fully IP or fully SDI environments. It works with 31 different video standards, including 1080p.

The M-PIP is a software app that runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor. A card that fits in the Vision 3 frame, MARBLE-V1 features a powerful CPU/GPU processor, six bi-directional SDI connections and four 10GbE SFP+ network interface ports and allows different apps to be installed when needs change.


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